Datamex Technologies Inc. is an organization well into its 38th year of operation. Over the years, we have been strategically positioned to deliver a family of new and innovative technologies that are very much complementary in nature. We have fostered and forged strong relationships with our customers as a result of our commitment to inform, educate, allow for "proof of concept", assist in product implementation and provide the necessary on-going equipment maintenance and technical services. Our employees have more desire, determination and resolve to ensure that we conduct our business in a fashion that best represents the interests of our clients. They are engaged to provide the necessary technologies and services that allow our clients to make informed IT purchase decisions.


To mold the youth to become worthy citizens and responsible highly technical skilled leaders and educators of a new nation with thoughts
on value education.


To continue its commitment in providing effective tools of learning so as to produce quality graduates that can go global in their chosen field of career.

To obtain this end, The School aims to:

- unfold the individual's competency to increase the talent and potentials not only in the local setting but also in the regional, national and international. 
- produce new young breed professionals equipped with academic endowments, so as to be profoundly respected in the society.
- answer the call in the modern changing world that suits the needs of time.
- recognize the the significance of the study of computer educational patterns in contemporary societies
-encourage our graduates to stimulate innovation, originality, ingenuity and individuality in one's creative work in Computer studies
- uphold the sense of patriotism and independence, stand proud as a true Filipino.


  1. Go to the Registrar’s Office and ask for an enrollment form. Fill it up and accomplish the form with your documents/requirements attached to it. Get your assessment form together with the schedule of classes to be approved by the school head/branch manager then an interview will follow.
  2. Proceed to the accounting office for the assessment of fees and then pay. Always ask for an official receipt.
  3. Submit all the document with your enrollment form and show your OFFICIAL RECEIPT for validation to the registrar for database purposes.
  4. Present your information data for the issuance of a school ID.
  5. Get the schedule of payment to avail an examination permit on time.
  6. Schools policy, NO PERMIT, NO EXAM.
  7. Avoid delay of time to refrain from penalty.
  1. Secure the pre-registration from and index card from the registrar for reservation. See to it that you are cleared from your obligation  in the school.
  2. Get the permit to enroll,complete the forms with your schedule of classes and dont forget your student no.
  3. Proceed to your OIC for approval.
  4. Go to the accounting office and then pay.
  5. Submit your registration card to the registrar and show your official receipt for validation.
The students should be properly oriented the cost of the school operating expenses in paying the tuition fee,participation fee,miscellaneous fee, and other related fees to be compiled during the enrollment.  Upon payment, always ask for an official receipt
  1. The manner of payment for a regular student who is officially enrolled will run down into five equal monthly payments.  Inquire from the accounting office.
  2. Regular students and sholars must pay their Terminal Fee for every semester payable in ten equal month intallment.
  3. Delayed of payments are subject to fine
  4. Lost receipt will be penalized.


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